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Ethereum(ETH) — Specifically Ethereum 2.0 Solana(SOL) Cardano(ADA) Polygon(MATIC) Binance Smart Chain(BNB) Polkadot(DOT) You’ll find that these blockchains and cryptocurrencies are being used to create more cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Most are also involved in the metaverse and web 3.0 development. Buy their cryptocurrencies by registering here: BINANCE NB: NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

Here are my top 6 gaming tokens listed with their price as seen during the writing of this article. Axie Infinity(AXS): $136 or Ksh 15,320.40 Decentraland(MANA): $4.5 or Ksh 496.79 Enjin Coin(ENJ): $3.40 or Ksh 383.10 Gala(GALA): $0.605 or Ksh 68.11 The Sandbox(SAND): $6.31 or Ksh 710.82 Illuvium(ILV): $1,699.31 or Ksh 191,342.31 To buy these, I recommend you use Binance: The best cryptocurrency exchange where you can make passive income just for holding your crypto in their savings vault: Register for Binance Today and Get 5%

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrencies? Well here’s how you can buy your first cryptocurrency as a beginner. Register in a Cryptocurrency Exchange. There’s Binance, Coinbase, and more . I suggest Binance. So if you’d like to register. here’s the link: Register on Binance Today! You’ll be required to submit proof of identification. Set up how you will buy them e.g card, bank, or mpesa Go buy your first crypto. I suggest Ethereum or Bitcoin Simple as that!

Stephen Ajulu

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