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Here are the cryptocurrencies I’m investing in after due research. I believe these have potential. Bitcoin(BTC): As you know from a previous article, I hold some bitcoin. In 2022 I’ll be buying more with the goal of reaching 3 BTC in my portfolio. Ethereum(ETH): Same as Bitcoin. The goal is to reach 10 ETH Solana(SOL): Named the Ethereum killer. Lots of interesting projects are being developed using its blockchain. Ripple(XRP) Stellar Decentraland(MANA) Enjin Coin(ENJ) The Sandbox(SAND) Star Atlas(ATLAS) Metaverse Index Token(MVI): This is not really a cryptocurrency but definitely worth checking out. It contains all/most of the metaverse tokens. Polkadot(DOT): Has potential Chainlink Polygon(MATIC): A must-buy for me. Amazing projects built and more coming. Pancake Swap Uniswap Illuvium Moonriver Loopring Cardano(ADA): I have some and want more Veechain

Stephen Ajulu

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