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Hey guys, it’s Steve back again with another post. Now this post is a follow up from the laptop buying guide post. if you didn’t read that, go check it out here: The Best Laptop Buying Guide.

Now even though this will be a windows laptop guide, some of the steps shown can be implemented on to Desktops and Linux as well. So let’s begin.

Have you bought a new HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, or Asus laptop preinstalled with Windows 10? Not sure how to set up Windows 10 on your new PC? In this article, we will see how to set up a new Windows 10 device.

  1. Install the battery in the battery compartment and connect your laptop into a power source using the charging brick provided

3. The following is the first screen you will see when you turn on a PC pre-installed with Windows 10 operating system. Select your country/region, app language, keyboard layout, and time zone before clicking the button.

4. The next screen will show Microsoft’s Legal Agreement, read through it. Then click .

5. The next screen will prompt you to signing in to Wi-Fi, if you have do it. If you don’t, click “Skip This Step”

6. Next you will see “Get going fast” screen. Here, i suggest you click the small “Customize settings” instead of the easily visible “Use Express settings” button so that you can change various settings related to privacy and personalization settings

7. On the Customize settings screen, carefully read all options and turn off permissions if you’re not comfortable with an option. Click . Once again, you will see a few more customization settings. Turn off options that you don’t want to keep turned on before clicking button.

8. You will see the “Sign in to your Microsoft account” screen. If you have a Microsoft account and wish to sign in to Windows 10 using a Microsoft account, enter your Microsoft account details and then click . However, like many others, if you would like to use a local user account, please click “Create a new account” and then click “Sign in without a Microsoft account”. Now you can create a new local user account by entering a user name and password (if you wish to use one). Click button.

9. You should see your Windows 10 desktop in a few minutes.

10. Uninstall unnecessary windows apps and manufacturer bloatware.

11. By now, you should be at your desktop. Now the next step will be to install your favorite applications, my recommendation? Go check out Ninite. It allows you to install most of your favorite apps with a single executable. You will be greeted by this interface, scroll down, you will see a plethora of apps to choose from, go ahead and choose your apps.

Pick your apps, the click “Get Your Ninite”. You will be redirected and a download will be started. After it has finished downloading. Install it by double clicking on the executable(*.exe). Once done, you have your apps. If you didn’t get all of them just google their names and download them from their site.

LINUX: Go to the Software Package Manager or just open up the terminal and type “apt-get install [package-name]” or Pacman.

12. Install some apps from the Windows Store, suggestions? QuickLook, Games etc

13. Now go to your Windows Settings, then to Update and Security, and then click “Check For Updates”. Let it check, if it finds some let it update then you can now use your laptop.
LINUX: Got to settings then search for Updates or alternatively( my preferred option): Open up a terminal and type “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade”

14. You can go to Personalization to customize your experience

And that’s pretty much it. Have a wonderful day.

For those who didn’t check out my laptop buying post, check it out here:

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Originally published at on May 29, 2019.



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