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Front End Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Researcher, Content Creator, Entrepreneur and Ethical Hacker

1. Money Market Funds Low Risk

1. Sunglassess

WordPress Org Way

  1. Research and find a good hosting platform with a cpanel and wordpress quick install(softaculous or similar).
  2. Buy a domain name and hosting.
  3. Go to cpanel and click Wordpress or Softaculous then Wordpress. Let it install.
  4. Once ready visit your wordpress…

  1. As usual, you have to get into the right mindset, there is no perfect blog, write about what you want to write about. I like tech, finance, self branding, self improvement and lifestyle, so that’s what i write, you don’t have to be extremely knowledgeable in the topic, everyone knows something you don’t and so do you. So write about what you love and want. …

  1. First you’ll need to get into the right mindset, are you a holder waiting for dividends, are you a semi permanent holder waiting for dividends but once the price shoots up you sell or are you a trader, buying low and selling high almost as fast as a day? Once you identify your category then you can proceed. …

  1. Create a GitHub and Netlify Account
  2. Create a new repository, name it whatever you like. Mine is links.
  3. Go to Add File and click Create New File
  4. Name the file _redirects.
  5. Now create links like this

Here’s the installation:


Day 4


  • Linked the Manifest.json and all the app icons/favicons to the head section as you can remember i couldn’t do this because i was using the original theme’s layout folder so the only way was to copy their layout file to…

Stephen Ajulu

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